graphic design

I provide mostly advertising, editorial, branding, web design, and 3d illustration services for clients of all sizes. If you’re an altruistic organization involved in education, the arts, non-profit, public good, advocacy, STEM, or conservation — I’m especially interested.

You can see some previous work below and reach out via

Independent designer since 2011. based in metro Atlanta, Ga.

— Service Overview

I’ve been a freelance designer for around 9 years. Along the way I’ve picked up interest and skills in a variety of areas including all sorts of print and media collateral, art direction, logo & branding, 3D illustration, web design, and more.

— A few organizations I've worked with

BASE Entertainment
BODIES…The Exhibition
Califia Farms
Cuties Oranges
Discovery Children’s Museum
Magic Mike Live
Mat Franco
Mighties Kiwi
Sun Pacific
The Smith Center
Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition
Whitney Houston Experience

— Contact

Hi! In order for me to respond as accurately as possible, please provide any info you can about your project. If you have a budget in mind (or need pro bono) this info will also help pin down what we can do.


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